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Professional in-office teeth whitening as well as follow-up home whitening can be a very visible and cost-effective way to transform your smile to it’s brightest. At our office we use the Wicked White Pro Teeth Whitening System.

Wicked White has a whitening solution for everyone. The PRO line is completed in office by dental professionals and delivers immediate results, The HOME line can be done in the comfort of your own home when its convenient for you. Both deliver great quality results.

-Safe & Effective
-100% Pure with NO Additives or Fillers
-Minimum Sensitivity

A beautiful white smile always makes a great impression. Hamilton Smiles is pleased to offer our clients Wicked White Tooth Whitening. This unique system provides a much brighter smile without the sensitivity some other systems leave. Our clients have been very pleased with the results they have received with Wicked White and we hope you will too.

Your dental hygienist can help you achieve your brightest, healthiest smile in just under 2 hours. In just one office visit, you can leave with whiter, brighter teeth and at an affordable price.

This safe system uses 100% pure ingredients with no additives or fillers. Before a teeth whitening program begins, it’s important to ensure that your gums are normal and healthy. Your Hamilton Smiles Hygienist will do a through oral examination to determine if you are a suitable candidate. This will be followed by a shade assessment.

Teeth whitening will not change or damage the structure of the teeth. It will simply make them whiter. Teeth whitening is not recommended for children under 16 years of age and pregnant or lactating women.

Start your treatments in office and continue to whiten at home!

Easy, safe and WOW, are those my teeth?

Start your treatments in office and continue to whiten at home!

Easy, safe and WOW, are those my teeth?

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