Beautiful Healthy Smiles
for Everyone

Hamilton Smiles is pleased to offer our clients convenient, comprehensive dental services to complement their oral hygiene program. These a la carte services are provided by our on-site dentist, who provides excellence in general dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry options.

A La Carte Dental Services on your Terms

Our goal at Hamilton Smiles is to provide you, our client,  with a la carte dental services when they are necessary and on your terms. We will not pressure you to obtain recommended treatments. We understand that some families do not have dental coverage and that their budgets may not allow for full immediate treatment(s). We offer our in-house dental services as a convenience to our clients and will work with you obtain the best oral care you can afford and when you are ready. Payment terms are always available.

Professional On-Site Dental Care

Dental Services Include:

  • General Dentistry

  • Fillings

  • Extractions

  • Dental Crowns

  • Dental Bridges

  • X-rays