Hamilton Smiles offers complete in-house dental services on YOUR TERMS.

Welcome to Hamilton Smiles. We are a unique boutique style dental hygiene clinic offering our clients a full service alternative to a typical dentist office.

Many people avoid the dentist due to the costs associated with ongoing dental work and perceived pressure to commit to regular visits. Others are embarrassed by the condition of their teeth, and some are under financial hardship. We are pleased to offer all the services you might expect from a dentist office and one that delivers a stress free, no pressure experience. Our informal and comfortable office will also put you at right at ease.

As independent dental hygienists, Hamilton Smiles can offer our hygiene services at 20-30% less than a dentist’s office. Following your new client assessment and teeth cleaning, you will have a complete understanding of your oral health and have the knowledge to decide on moving ahead with any possible recommended treatment.

You then have the option of visiting our on-site dentist for a la carte dental treatments that can take place when both yourself and your budget are ready.

As independent primary health-care providers Hamilton Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic is your first step to optimal oral health.

Our number one commitment is to prevention, which contributes to your overall health and well-being. Gum disease and tooth decay can be prevented. These problems are not only inconvenient but they are also expensive and can result in removal of teeth, root canals and gum surgery. We will work together to eliminate additional treatments.

Should a need for treatment arise we will be pleased to provide you with up front, no pressure pricing. Then you can decide if the time is right for both yourself and your budget. Convenient payment plans are also available.